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If you have elderly, aging parents/in-laws or family members, an ADU can reduce the tremendous stress associated with care, and overall greatly improve the quality of life for all in the comfort of your home. No need for having to seek out assisted care facilities or in-home care assistance. Having extended family under the same household can create cramped living quarters, especially in an already highly populated state. An ADU can help relieve this situation and create a more pleasant and private living space. In addition to extra living space, an ADU is an ideal solution for minimizing clutter, a cramped kitchen, shared bathrooms, and the overall inconvenience shared space all without disrupting the family.

All homeowners want to make the most of their investments, especially the value of their home, whether it be for putting it back on the market, rental, or for future generations. ADU’s make it easy for places that are not being used to their full advantage and allowing you to maximize the space you have while making an extra income. ADU’s are a great way to retire, thus allowing the main residence to be rented out, or occupied by the family. Altogether, ADU’s create a long term solution for many reasons, they’re a garage that works for you and your family.


Conversion to ADU

If you dream of turning your garage into a sparkling new room or studio in your home, then our specialists are the ones to talk to. We have been offering converting garage into living spaces in Los Angeles for over 13 years. Our team will work with your remodeling ideas to deliver your dream room addition. Give our garage conversion contractors a call to discall all your ideas.

Our attention to detail when we design your garage conversion ensures that your new room is built to your exact specifications. Our conversions are features in any home due to the finer details that we pay attention to. All your ideas and suggestions will be addressed when you consult with our professional garage conversion designers. Together we will design the new room in your home that you have been dreaming of!

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We understand that your project is an investment. We are careful to understand precisely what your vision is for your home and communicate clearly from planning to completion. Whether you’re looking for a modern approach or a more classical appearance, let our trusted team help you identify the perfect options that will fit your style and budget.

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Our mission is to fully serve all our customers with quality service and complete satisfaction. We understand every customer is unique this is why we work hard to offer dynamic quality service. Choosing Forever Builders gives you the confidence to know the job is getting done efficiently in a timely manner. Happiness for our customers is our number one priority with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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